World of Beer – Paid Social Examples

World of Beer – Social Media

When I joined World of Beer, all social channels were fairly quiet. There was an ad agency in the past that was running Facebook ads for large campaigns and a few scattered organic posts that were all promotion based. My initial strategy was to jump-start the Corporate Facebook page and put a lot of resources into Instagram. Instagram is where our demographic was and would be in the future as more college aged students grew into craft beer.

Here are just a few samples of content produced while the rest can be found in the ‘links’ section

After I started producing content and re-introduced our brand to our followers, it was time to switch our content strategy. In the past, WOB followers had an immense loyalty to the company. They would email us pictures in their WOB gear while in London, have bumper stickers all over and some even traveled the World for our locations. I met our biggest fan who had visited over 75 total locations!

But now, we were shallow and ‘corporate’. I had to introduce stories and meaningful content that people could relate to on a personal basis. I created a Facebook group and invited every WOB GM and brand ambassador. After that, I requested pictures of non-profit work, guests with amazing stories, and guests who hit milestones. This led to receiving pictures of people getting married at WOB, great stories of our employees to share, and milestone images like a guest trying their 2000th unique beer.

After that, I boosted a post asking our followers for their WOB stories in exchange for free food. The promotion brought in over 10 unique stories from our customers, including baby shower videos, first dates that led to marriage, and people just loving the events that we threw. I was able to use their stories to tell our story, in a much more effective way than a picture of a burger or beer.

World of Beer – Social Growth

Our channels grew quickly when content switched to story based and when I implemented a non-sales approach. Growth has been steady over 2 years around 12-15% for both Facebook and Instagram. More importantly, after I took over our Facebook ads, our cost per click, engagement and conversion rate improved. I was able to save the company thousands of dollars by not needing to hire an agency and then again by creating more effective creative and funnels.


World of Beer – Increasing Sales

One of the major problems for a restaurant is increasing sales on off-days, like Monday, Tuesday, etc. For most of our locations, we were running promotions on these days including Burger Monday ($5 burgers) and Taco Tuesday ($2.50 tacos). But we could only drum up so much business through our email and social channels.

I came up with an idea of adding these promotions to a recurring Facebook event and boosting the event itself. There were several reasons for this strategy. First, if someone clicked ‘interested’, they would be alerted everytime I posted in that event as well as from Facebook letting them know the event is coming up. Second, the event could be displayed prominently on each Facebook page. A lot of people just didn’t know the promotion existed. And third, we could target non-followers in a low radius around the location. Statistically, you’re more likely to go eat somewhere close to you.

I piloted the idea with one location in hopes it would succeed and I could expand the idea to others. Over the first 12 weeks we had spent $1500 in ads, one for Burger Monday, Taco Tuesday, and then our weekend brunch. The ad reached 49,000+ people within 10 miles of the store and had 2000+ event responses. All that is fine and dandy, but the proof is in the pudding. We were seeing boosts of 37-80% in sales on those days, to the point where the kitchen was bogged down during Brunch.

Since it was so successful in the first location, I needed to test it in others to ensure it was something we could rely on over time. I pushed the idea to 5 more locations, all with similar varying degrees of success and some with more success on specific promotions. Based on the sales and historical data, I was able to conclude the promotions would increase sales while also providing some substantial reach in the marketplace.


World of Beer – Digital

After a year at World of Beer, I was promoted to Social & Digital Marketing Manager. At that time, our website was controlled by one individual person who also controlled our app. They were busy and rarely able to edit anything for us and we were paying thousands of dollars to have landing pages created four times a year. The biggest task was to completely re-do the website so I could create conversion funnels, a friendlier UI, and an ADA compliant site.

We employed a local ad agency, Dunn&Co, and I worked with them on what we needed, what we wanted, and what would be good to have. The first line of business was to create a friendly UI for a multi-location franchise. After doing some market research and viewing our competition, no one had something that shouted to me. If you needed to go to a food menu and then back to the location details, it was near impossible. Add on top of that the complexity of different menus, beer menus & our back-end database and we had a tough problem on our hands.

After sketching a few ideas out for them, I came up with the idea of having a location bar under the main navigation where you could click to go back to location details or search for a new location. On top of this, if you clicked our Locations navigation, the location you last chose would appear with the ability of searching for another or listing all of them again.

The other massive must-have was a URL structure to showcase the different menus we have. The current website just had “/menu” and PDF’s for lunch, dinner, brunch, and others. I wanted to have /food/brunch, /food/happy-hour, /beer, /lunch. This solved several problems. First, our SEO was fairly terrible because we weren’t showing up for common phrases like “Craft Beer”. On top of that, we were in an uphill battle with the name World of Beer. We sounded like a bar and the general public felt that way as well. Having a URL structure with food, lunch, and happy hour, opened up the opportunity to show up on search results and also gave allowed us to customize meta descriptions to explain our breadth of options.

After we figured out our basic structure and database connection, we launched in the Fall of 2019 on time and under budget. The launch went great with no SEO hiccups and all metrics increased immediately.

Website Users

Dunn&Co also implemented a system to create landing pages on our own, with modules for images, text, promotions and more. This saved us thousands every year without having to hire an outside consultant and gave us more freedom over the layout and creative.

After the initial launch it was time to start building funnels so we could track conversion metrics. In the past, we were doing everything fairly blind and couldn’t contribute specific marketing campaigns to increases in loyalty program sign-ups. I put call to actions all over the website and created a thank you page after a successful sign-up. This allowed me to create a conversion funnel in Google Analytics and track just how many sign-ups were coming from email, social, search, etc. At this time, I also implemented UTM parameters into all our email and social campaigns to track what our users are doing on our site.

World of Beer – Franchising

During the negotiation with our ad agency, I got them to throw in a small franchising website for us with less than 10 pages. It was always a sore spot for upper management and we had never had a good way of marketing what we offered to investors.

In early 2020, we launched wobfranchising.com with a custom video intro, testimonial videos from owners and a site that matched the look and feel of our main one. Average users jumped over 30%, duration jumped 46%, and more importantly the number of leads coming in increased 10 fold. The new site also gave us the opportunity to track our funnel more efficiently with the same UTM parameters and conversion funnels.

Changing Seasons – Website Creation

Changing Seasons is a small town landscaping company that was experiencing significant growth in the area, but had no digital footprint. The client requested a clean, modern site, where they could showcase the great testimonials and images they’ve taken over the years. They needed a site that was easy for them to update once the site went live, a way to showcase their various services provided, and a gallery to showcase completed projects. With the use of a paid theme and modular page structure, I produced a modern website that focused on the benefits of the company and made sure to include call to actions throughout. After launch, I provided a training session to walk them through the back end of WordPress. It can be intimidating for a new WordPress user to jump in, but with some documentation and videos, they had what they needed to succeed now and into the future.

Facebook Live – Bloomington Edge

Edge vs Bucks Live Stream Stats

A major goal when I was hired to be the social media specialist for the Bloomington Edge was increasing the reach of our live games online. A 3rd party site currently streams all of the leagues’ games, but without analytics or sentiment to track, we were missing out on a lot. With my background of being a streamer on Twitch, I came up with a strategy to live stream our games in entirety on Facebook. Through Facebook Live and OBS software, I was able to screen capture our live games and transfer the video to Facebook. This gave us the ability to monitor our audience, track our reach, and most importantly engage with our loyal followers through chat. Our last regular season game had some outstanding numbers as far as reach goes. For comparison’s sake, our Facebook has 6,181 followers at the time of this update.

Bonita Executive Center Suites – Website Creation


Bonita Executive Center was looking to update to a more professional look and increase their online visibility. The client requested a modern look and feel with video backgrounds and parallax effects. I created a new site through WordPress for the client with easy to find calls to action, mobile visibility, and easily accessible information about the facilities. The owner has requested continual consulting after the site was complete and has hired me on for more work for various other locations.

ReBath of Iowa Website (WordPress) (Now down due to corporate restrictions)


One of my main goals with Re-Bath of Illinois was to expand our reach in the Iowa market. Our web presence in the Illinois market was steady, strong and at the very least competing at the top of most Google results. However, our presence within the Quad Cities, Clinton, and Bettendorf were severely lacking. With 480,000 people in the Quad Cities area alone, we’d be crazy not to increase our presence online as well as in print. With the inclusion of direct mail, mall kiosks, Home Depot placements and radio promotions, we entered the Quad Cities with a bang.

Kitchen Refacing IL Website (WordPress)


Re-Bath of Illinois is a trusted Home Depot service provider for bathroom remodeling as well as kitchen cabinet refacing. Our goal was to increase the amount of cabinet refacing leads we provided ourselves, outside of the Home Depot store. With a PPC campaign already in place for bathroom remodeling (Yahoo, Google, Bing), I decided to create a website that could act as a landing page for PPC campaigns through Facebook. The creation of a cabinet refacing site also gave us the opportunity to separate our brands (Re-Bath and 5 Day Kitchens) to keep our message streamlined.

Bloomington Edge Social Media

When I started with the Bloomington Edge, their social media channels had already developed a decent following but were lacking consistent content and updates. My primary goal was to instill high-quality content, pictures, and videos throughout all social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) with a separate voice for each. The pictures below are examples of content created

12 Days of Gif-Mas

The first content strategy for the Bloomington Edge Facebook page was the creation of 12 individual gifs from the previous year. Not only would this create daily content, but it would showcase the talent of the players as well as try to keep the Edge on top of mind awareness during the off-season.  The compilation of gifs can be found here:


Mission Statement Video

Originally, a video was to be produced with a voice-over from the owner of the Bloomington Edge discussing the mission statement of the team, and its commitment to the community. Over time it was turned into a video showcasing the mission statement through text with clips from the previous season. Here is the finished product:

Bloomington Edge Facebook Statistics

Objective: Increase followers, increase engagement, increase in-game attendance, create unique content on Facebook and in-stadium that transfers to social media.

In November 2016 I took over the social media accounts for the Bloomington Edge and created several different objectives to achieve by the end of the season. Initial research showed that the typical semi-pro football team was either inconsistent with social media or completely lacking. The objectives listed above would separate us from the competition and create a top of mind awareness event in a city with a growing population looking for entertainment options. Below are screenshots from the Edge Facebook page.

Chill Out Yogurt

Chill Out Yogurt was Bloomington, Normal’s first yogurt shop before the craze took off. The shop was locally owned and operated, and I decided to volunteer my time as a social media strategist to gain more experience in a new niche. As a new business, Chill out had zero web presence. The entire strategy was to be social media focused, specifically Facebook. As an advisor, I recommended that social media be a key focus in the physical location to make sure they succeed online without a website. This included discounts for liking their page, URL posted on signs around the shop, and training employees to mention promotions that are located only on Facebook.

The biggest success throughout their Facebook campaigns was the ability to vote for what flavors the shop would have that week. Engagement was always incredibly high on these posts and gave invaluable feedback to the owners on what is liked or isn’t.

As entrepreneurs, the owners ran into snags along the way, like all business owners. What would they do during winter, how do people feel about their flavors, how do people feel about paying per oz? Gathering feedback through posts led to options like soup for the winter, new flavors, new recipes for combinations, and changing from pay per oz to pay per cup. Although paying per oz has become the normal payment for yogurt shops, constant feedback of confusion and hesitance to visit based on unknown final prices led the owners to change their pay structure. Small, medium and large cups had specific values no matter what the weight ended up with.

My goal for Chill Out Yogurt was to be able to set them up for success with training and ideas and let them loose. I assisted in the creation of the logo located above (basic sketch of idea) and gave them training on how to respond to negative reviews, feedback, and content in general. Although Chill Out Yogurt went out of business, it was a staple in the community for several years. The owners were incredibly involved and did a great job interacting with customers online and took the training to heart.

Re-Bath of Illinois

At Re-Bath of Illinois, social media has become a massive lead generation channel. Through Facebook ads, we have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales over the past 2 years. In a business category where Adwords clicks cost upwards of $70 and the average cost per lead is $200+, Facebook ads were a godsend. We ran several different ad types, carousel, lead generation, offers, boosted posts and more.

A primary objective for Re-Bath was to keep a large reach due to our large service area. The cities with our physical locations had and continue to have high reach and consistent leads in the area, but extending outwards has always been difficult. Facebook ads helped us reach over 360,000 people in our service area that were homeowners and in our target market. Impressions have almost reached 2 million, and we’ve accrued over 7,300 clicks.

It’s important to keep track of ROI and establish a solid KPI when advertising through social media and with a Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Lead Form ads, we were able to track all dollars incoming from advertisements. We’ve established that Facebook ads have proven to give us one of the lowest cost per leads of any marketing channel we utilize and delivered an ROI of over 700%.

Adobe Creative Suite


Re-Bath Radio Commercials

These commercials were written by me and produced by our local radio station

Contractor – Moving In

Contractor – Moving In 2