Foot Locker – PPC Strategy

Footlocker and its portfolio of brands are at the forefront of sneaker culture and in a position to truly make a difference Worldwide. Based on Facebook’s Ad Library, it appears that immediate competition is not putting itself into the social digital space. Here is a general overview of my strategy for PPC & funnel optimization:

Establish a Necessary Funnel & and a “Would Be Nice” Funnel

  • A funnel needs to be established for each individual brand. Start with what we want the final action to be, sign up for Rewards, purchase, re-purchase, etc

Breakdown the Funnel into Stages – Develop a Cold/Warm/Hot Stage for Intent

  • Cold
    • Friends of Facebook page Fans
    • Lookalike Audiences – including 1%, 2%, 3% and then exclusions like 3% audience excluding 1%
    • Interest-Based Targeting – what are sneakerheads also interested in?
    • No targeting what so ever – once the pixel has produced enough information on our best customer
    • Programmatic & Connected TV
  • Warm
    • Retargeting
      • Video Views, 25%, 50%, 95%
      • Landing Page Views
      • Post Engagers
      • Video Views Live – if produced
      • Email Leads – Active, Inactive, Opt Outs
      • Sent a message to our page
      • Visitors by time spent on site
      • Specific pages on site
      • All website visitors
    • DPA Carousels
  • Hot
    • Cart Abandons
    • Include/Exclude Purchasers
    • Past Purchasers
    • Initiated Checkout
    • Reward Members
    • DPA Carousels


Content Strategies for Top and Middle of Funnel 

There is a massive void of sneaker culture from brands and it appears that it’s been tried in the past, but then thrown out. I’d assume this is based on the cost and time of video production and the outcomes that were produced. For instance, Finish Line had a Finish The Look series on Youtube but axed it. It appears that Locker Looks may have been cut but now there’s HouseKicks. When you visit the competition websites, it is strictly eCommerce with no blog, no content, no introduction to how to buy the right sneaker, what clothes look best, etc. There is no cold audience content, which is necessary for moving people who may not know they need sneakers into a Foot Locker fan. Carbon38 does a great job with the Instagram live workouts, but that content disappears and isn’t repurposed. Here are my ideas for fresh content, some more ambitious than others and are strictly based on budget and ability:

  • Partner with a Youtube Influencer – I don’t think influencers are an unknown entity for the portfolio, as I see some promo codes for Carbon38 Youtube videos, but this can be greatly expanded. First, find an influencer heavily involved in sneaker releases & culture. Two I found to be reasonable are Seth Fowler or Tonyd2wild. Seth is a ‘safe’ influencer that rarely has promotions in his video but asks for them for unboxing. But the reason is the important part. People buy from people, not brands. Utilizing a single influencer as a spokesperson has benefits beyond Youtube. They can also be utilized in a video for Facebook and for selling. Nike does this with their advertising on Facebook. They run Nike advertising through Lebron’s Facebook page, rather than their own. Running a Footlocker ad through an influencers page establishes more trust. This can also be the introduction of a new series for top of funnel that can be put on his channel, our Facebook, Instagram, the website, etc.
  • Twitch – A while back, I remember watching a sneaker talk show on Twitch. It had a LOT of promise, a LOT of PR behind it, but it ultimately fizzled out. I think introducing a Twitch channel based on the same thing will help introduce FL to a younger audience while staying true to the culture. Maybe it’s an overall push with the influencer in the first part. And lastly, urban culture exists and is thriving on Twitch already. This is a fairly wide-open audience with a good chance of success by utilizing either someone who already has a following or utilizing our current following to push them to Twitch.
  • Create our own series of videos on streetwear, sneakers, collections, culture, etc. The Locker Looks was interesting but hasn’t posted for 3 months. Housekicks is great but needs a push somewhere. This type of content is great for top of funnel, to weed out audiences in advertisements and develop a relationship. Anyone who watches a full Housekicks video ad is going to be retargeted forever as we know they fit our demographic to a T. Also, videos can be relative to apparel, but not directly selling. For instance, NBA2k League, basketball in general, stunt motorcycles, who knows what else. The sky is the limit.
  • Find a way to work with an NBA2k League team or a Twitch NBA2k streamer
  • Basic how-to articles or best practices articles for streetwear, what works best together, taking care of your sneakers, how to display them, creating your own closets, etc
  • We can learn from the most popular videos on the channel. The Nike Evolution commercial has insanely positive feedback in comments. It keeps with the culture, it uses well-known influencers like Anuel AA, and using tangential interests like stunt-bike culture. There’s a lot to learn from the comments on how to successfully advertise the brand and more importantly, stay true to the culture.