About Me


Growing up, I didn’t have a lot. I was lucky to have a mother who worked tirelessly to provide for my sister and I, but never understood it all until I grew up. That lifestyle has created a mentality of success at all costs and I will do everything I can to show the company I represent I’m worth a damn. There’s not a single job I haven’t put 150% effort into and the day I slow down is the day I die.

I’m extremely loyal, maybe to a fault. I put in a lot and cherish the relationships I’ve built with people and businesses alike. I may be brash or too straight-forward, but as Michael Jordan said “Winning has a price. Leadership has a price.” I just want the company to succeed and far too many times people are sitting on gold but their fear washes it away.

My CliftonStrengths survey listed Learner, Competition, Achiever, Analytical and Individualization as my top 5 themes.

My name is Brandon Raper and I’m a professional digital marketer who wants to become the best at what he does and do it for a company that deserves it.

I’m currently looking for positions in the Tampa, FL market. Message me on bsraper@gmail.com or on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonraper/

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