The Journey: Being A Social Media Strategist Part 3

For information on how I started this journey and the first successful marketing strategy visit Part 1 and Part 2.

I had just completed our 12 days of GIF-mas campaign and was coming up on a lot of holidays and significant events. Sometimes ideas just come to you and sometimes conversations in your daily life spark something. That’s exactly what happened for our Christmas post. As a child of the 80’s and 90’s, Starter jackets were a huge thing. I remember having my own Dallas Cowboys one and how jealous I was of people who owned a Chicago Bulls or even Charlotte Hornets jacket. A conversation began with some friends as we were playing Quiplash together. Starter Jackets, Polly Pocket, Easy Bake Ovens, anything and everything from the 90’s came up. When I needed to come up with an idea for a Christmas based post for our social networks, that conversation was at the forefront. With a little love from Photoshop I came up with this:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the Edge Nation! Have a safe and amazing weekend, we hope you get all the Starter Jackets you can possibly imagine ^_^

Posted by Bloomington Edge on Sunday, December 25, 2016

There are several times during the day and in your life that ideas present themselves. It’s a marketers responsibility to take those conversations and turn them into media that people can relate to. I’d recommend the first season of “Mad Men” for more scenarios that follow this line of thinking.

After our Christmas post was complete, I had to think of A) Something to do with New Years B) Create a timeline for events that are coming up and C) Figure out some content to create and use in between the large events. Our New Years post was super basic, a sparkler with our logo and Happy New Years in text. Although it’s a simple media piece, it follows a look and feel that we keep consistent between all of our content. A prominent logo, vibrant colors, a white border and a low opacity cross-line background. It’s important to maintain a consistent image online and if you’re in control of print as well.

Next was creating a timeline of major events. These events were already placed on our social media calendar weeks before, so the only step to take was the creation of actual content. It can be difficult in a teams off-season to find relevant content to produce. In the past, the Edge was fantastic during the season with content creation but stumbled hard as soon as it was over. Not only do you lose top of mind awareness for when the season begins, but you start all over from ground zero. One idea that I used for post-Christmas, preseason content was to produce media based on substitute sports and local sports. To be more clear, substitute sports include the NFL and NCAA football while local sports include High School and College. The strategy for local sports content was not restricted to just football. Our Mission Statement has a section based on being part of the community, so showing our support through our social media made that clear. It also gives an excellent way to establish banter through Twitter. Our significant events we focused on were NFL playoffs, College Playoffs, Wildcard games on NFL, and the NCAA championship.

Lastly, creating content between all the large events. Here’s where creativity can reign king. Creating content for gaps in your social media calendar is not only difficult but time-consuming. Our social media calendar contains several “weekly posts” that occur on the same day in the same fashion. It makes it easier to schedule, easier to produce, and saves some time as well. The content that needs to fill in those gaps can be the most important. Several ideas were thrown around, and some were created last minute. The first content plan that is ongoing through the season is the establishment of a rival. The league we are currently in is quite new, with several teams starting their first year. Locations are scattered all around, and there is no sense of rivalry or consistent competition. I reached out to our closest competitor about the inclusion of inter-league marketing, promotions, and rivalries. They loved the idea, and our first post about the rivalry included a map with our logos over our city locations. This shows our followers how close the rivalry is regarding location which is basically all we had to move on as the league is so new. With four games between the teams this season they were the perfect candidate. Not only will this rivalry spark some interest later on in this season, but it will provide me with a fall back plan on content creation if I ever need one.