Ninja Pinner Review

Pinterest quickly grew into a phenomenon over night.  Millions of people flocked to the site and stayed there for hours a day.  The stickiness of the website to me is not as strong as others, but I still understand the need, want, and desire to be there.  In many cases, the reviews I write here are geared towards businesses.  Recently, ecommerce businesses are starting to see the acceptance and importance of being able to put your product in front of millions of people.  The hope for your new line of clothing, jewellery, or product going viral online is actually a possibility now. So I introduce to you a software service that pins for you!  Ninja Pinner:

What Ninja Pinner Does:

Here are a few of the options you can utilize on Ninja Pinner, some of which are much more important than others.

-Auto Follow feature that allows you to mass follow other users fast, gaining you thousands of followers back

-Auto Unfollow function that allows you to mass unfollow users that don’t follow you

-Auto Pin feature that allows you to mass re-pin other images on autopilot getting you exposure

-Re-pin URL swap function allowing you to substitute YOUR links when you re-pin content

-Auto Commenter feature that allows you to send out comments to all others users.

-Auto Comment rotation which allows you to send comments from a list of different pre-written comments. Queue up as many variations as you like.

-When commenting, you can skip pins from any user you have already commented on in the last ___ days

What Ninja Pinner Doesn’t Do:

-Automatically start pinning things for you.  You have to put some effort into this and you also have to be able to search relevant keywords and/or set up relevant comments that do not look like spam everywhere.

-Pin quickly.  There are limits to all social media outlets on the amount of comments you can do, so there is a reason for this limitation.  The service is still in an early phase and the pinning isn’t the fastest.  You will actually see the program working and pinning specific pictures/links/etc.

-Open in a cloud based system.  Ninja Pinner is a downloadable software that you must have on your computer to use.  Major loss of points in my book as I’m moving frequently and don’t want to deal with the hassle of extra software.

-Automatically get you hits to your website, followers, sales, etc.  All social media programs require effort and time and this is no different.

From the start:

ninja pinner, review, social media tool
ninja pinner free demo

So let’s get started on my experience with Ninja Pinner.  I set up a free demo on their website

which was quite easy to become signed up.  The software installation was a hassle and maybe it’s because I’m so use to cloud based programs.    The free demo section is very pronounced on all sections of the website so it’s easy to find as well.

trial, ninja pinner, review
Ninja Pinner Trial Time

Once the software was downloaded and activated I was on my feet trying to learn the UI and options available to me.  Before I could even get started I was given this warning:


This wasn’t a huge factor to me, but this also wasn’t communicated on the website.  Usually I’d expect a free demo to last 3 days to a week so it was kind of surprising.    Here’s the kicker…after running the program for 2 hours overnight I woke up to find I could still use the demo.  I’m tempted to try and install it again to see if I’m able to continue using it.  This may have been a simple glitch or flaw but I was ok with the extra time available to use it.

The UI:

The UI is a little cumbersome.  On the right there’s the pinterest page along with a basic web client overview.  On the left are all the options available to use such as auto-follow, re-pin, etc.  autorepinIn the picture is the auto-pin/re-pin option that I was working on for my business.  I created a DIY jewelry board and was setting the parameters for the program.  As you can see you can set the amount of pins you’d like as well as a caption/link for all of them if need be.  Here’s the IMPORTANT confusing part.  Instead of just placing a search term into a box and it repinning for you, you must search that term then SELECT each one you’d like to be re-pinned before it starts.  I can understand why this is a safety measure so you aren’t re-pinning 3 of the same thing over and over and over again, but sheesh.  When I said this required effort to product results, now you see why.

Once you finally select the re-pins or followers you’d like to autofollow, the system starts up.  There is a simple bar that counts up and the screen also changes as if you were doing the follows pins yourself.  The program moves slow, I’ll just say it flat out.  It was taking about 2 minutes a post for me, hence why I let the program run over night instead of watching it in person.  This program is not meant to be run during the day because of this and is sort of a burden.

Overall: Ninja Pinner is a great program for any online based business with products to sell for the target market of Pinterest.  There are a few flaws, some being they don’t disclose all information on the site such as demo time, cost of the program after the demo, and that it’s not cloud based.  There are also a lot of strengths to this program.  There is one flat cost and then you are done forever.  There are no monthly costs like other social media tools.  Also, it’s a huge time saver.  It’s a little clunky and must be used at night rather than the day, but Pinterest can really start paying off over time (if you’re targeting the right market).  Also, this is a great product for anyone that has multiple social media clients.  You can purchase a license for unlimited amounts of Pinterest accounts which makes it easy to set them up for separate days/nights and pin away.

I’d give Ninja Pinner a 3.5/5 and once these small limitations are changed it could easily be a 5/5.  A lot of businesses are looking for Pinterest tools and I believe this could be the elite one to use.

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