Social Media Monitoring Tools [Infographic]

Not everyone knows the importance of social media monitoring or even how to begin.  According to this infographic I stumbled upon from Kissmetrics, the majority of people purchasing subscriptions to SMM tools are social media managers or agency professionals.  What we can take from this information is the overwhelming lack of small businesses monitoring their brand (if the research is done completely at random and accurate).

Main Takeaways

There is quite a lot of interesting information presented and a lot of information that is too strongly based around Twitter alone.  Here are my main takeaways:

  • Small Business Managers make up only 10.7% of the people purchasing/subscribing to SMM Tools
  • Metrics, integration, and UI are more important than price
  • 54% of people who purchase these tools spend less than $100.
  • 6.4% are spending OVER $5,000 a month on these tools.
  • Satisfaction levels for SMM Tools are fairly low.  The majority of purchasers would jump at a new service if it provided the proper metrics and needs.

Here’s the infographic itself.  I skipped over most of the Twitter sections because it’s fairly obvious what people use Twitter for and the types of tools that are offered strictly for that service.

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