Raven SEO Tools Review

My previous social media management tool reviews have been for a variety of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and bargain hunters.  Raven SEO Tools is not one of those programs.  Just as a quick introduction to the dashboard, there’s 31 drop down choices in the menus which all have some range of importance depending on your brand, service, and size of influence.  Raven SEO Tools is definitely not cheap with a starting price of $99 a month so this may not be relative to you small business owners who are just starting out.  For any consultants and/or agencies, this may become your best friend in the World.

Free Trial Sign Up

Even if this or other reviews of Raven SEO Tools frightens you because of the complexity and thoroughness, you should at least sign up for the free trial to see what information you can pluck from the program.  Raven was incredibly easy to sign up with and also has a very distinct and consistent UI throughout. Here is the authorization screen after the initial setup and website domain choice.  As you can see from the screen shot, you can authorize Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics and Google AdWords.  Adwords is one of the welcome additions that are hard to find integrated into other programs.








After you are authorized for all accounts (This took me a while as I had to sign out of certain accounts that were loaded for clients and into my personal ones) then you are brought to the dashboard.  The initial screen loads your google analytics summary and keywords.  From here you can see Raven is guiding you towards the information they feel is pertinent.  Keywords are the heart and soul of SEO and you will begin to see that this program really helps you develop a new SEO program or improve the one you’re currently running.

Competitors and Keyword Research

This tool is absolutely priceless.  It will show you not only the PPC price for certain keywords that are related to a phrase of your choice but it will also show you the level of competition with the given keyword, the average volume per month, and even a trend of searches for the phrase.  I searched for my domain name as the phrase and was given a PPC price of $0.71 and an average volume of 110.  Looking into related keywords I found Bead For Life at $0.19 (A competitor) with volume of 1,600 a month.  I would have never thought to create an adwords promotion with that phrase, but Raven directed me towards this and many other phrases that may be worth the cost of Raven’s subscription by itself.

Shown here are two screen shots.  One of keywords and related keywords and the other displaying the competitions keywords. Yet again, the competitions keywords may be valuable enough to pay for the price of admission.  Not only was I given information about adwords campaigns from competitors, I was given competitors that I didn’t even know about!



Let’s be honest, links backing to your website are one of the most influential traffic drivers.  Not to mention…tracking your backlinks and making sure they are up to date with proper anchortext and still on a reliable website is a time sink.  Raven SEO Tools lets you auto populate your records and even tracks and alerts you when one of your links has a sudden change.  If there’s a change in the anchor text, placement of link, or even if another link is added to the page you will be alerted.  No more monitoring with word and excel documents, it’ll all be in one spot.  And you can even import a list from third party software.  Oh, did I mention there was a Firefox toolbar that has a quick add for links to your database?


Social Metrics

Raven SEO Tools also has some great social media metrics as well.  Much like most programs, the monitoring will kick in after your first sign-in.  It was hard for me to see the real beauty in these tools because I had no social media accounts for this website that had a good engagement level.  Maybe I will try it later on with my personal blogs/twitter/facebook.

All in all…Raven SEO Tools is incredibly thorough.  It is a little on the complex side but Raven does a great job of providing easy to find help links as well as quick video demonstrations for each section.  Is it worth the investment per month?  I think this tool is an absolute goldmine and if you’re a socially active business with it’s own SEO and social department then absolutely.  Agencies that track SEO for clients should have this program running non-stop.  It’s a much cheaper alternative to other software in the market that do the same thing and also a time saver in so many facets.

My review score 4.5/5

It would receive a 5 if there was a cheaper version with less options.  At this moment, Raven SEO Tools are for a specific group of businesses and people and could easily reach out to a wider population with that option.  I couldn’t be happier with the tools themselves though.

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