Tweetbig Review

After a recent stint with using the Twitter application Tweetbig, I have found multiple reasons as to why this application is a waste of time. Let’s start the countdown!

tweet big logo

1. Queue Lines: Everytime you request to follow someone new they are added into a queue. This line takes up hours and hours of time to finish and really halters your progression to increase followers. According to my calculations with my personal twitter page ( it took about 5-10 minutes to follow one person.

2. Follow Timebomb: This option is suppose to unfollow people once they haven’t followed you back for a certain amount of days. The problem is…it doesn’t. It provides you with a list of people that haven’t followed you back and then puts them into ANOTHER queue to unfollow. These lines make me want to vomit.

3. Followback %: This “equation” is no algorithm. It’s simply how many people a certain person is following compared to how many are following them. Say someone has 200 friends, but are following 23,000…Tweetbig says they will almost certainly follow you back. Pretty good math there eh?

4. Piggyback: So the main function for following users is called “Piggyback”. You list people on Twitter that you feel are similar to yourself, or that you’d like to be like. That being said, once you list them, they list who their followers are. That’s it…no equation here again. If you list Justin Bieber, you will be flooded with pre-teen girls. If you list Rush Limbaugh…shoot yourself.

5. Analytics: This is the hot spot for social media. You HAVE to have a way to measure what you’re doing with your time and why it is important for either yourself of your business. The analytics provided are as simple as “Followers on this date” and “Followers on this date”. The problem is these analytics are updated DAILY. Not hourly, not every 15 minutes, DAILY.

6. Cost: $17.99 a month is ridiculous. Maybe if there were some better algorithm’s used to help you target certain users that are relevant to you, it may be worth it. Maybe if analytics updated in real time it’d be worth it. But none of these things occur. You put followers into huge queues and wait for hours for it to lower.

7. Canceling your subscription: Holy cow could this be any more impossible? I looked on my login page, I looked on my account, I looked in their FAQ, looked at terms of service. NOTHING. Oh wait there’s one sentence in FAQ that says check your email about your billing. Go to your billing email (If you even have it) and it says nothing. Go to customer service support page and you have to put in a support ticket to get your subscription canceled. You finally get a confirmation email…but it’s not that your account is closed. No no, that’d be too easy. It says “may take up to two business days to process”. What is this a bank?! If you take the 7 day trial for $1, you better make sure you make a decision quick…and not over the weekend.

All in all…Tweetbig got me hundreds of followers within days. Was it time consuming…absolutely, did it save me time if I would have done it another way, sure. I may have added hundreds of friends but none of them are targeted at all. I have no idea who they are or where they’re from, and I guess that’s ok from an influential aspect. My rating for TweetBig is…

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