Social Bro Review

Sup Bro?  Oh just tweetin’ ’bout Jersey Shore.

Don’t let the name fool you, Social Bro is THE most robust social media management tool I have ever laid eyes on.  If stats are your thing, you’re in luck.  Social Bro will blast your mind open with never ending stats about your Twitter account. Starting out is a little awkward, only because I haven’t had experience with a Twitter management tool like this one.

Social Bro SiteUnlike other tools, Social Bro is an application you must install to use.  It’s incredibly easy to install and connect to your accounts and is actually quite nice to not have to constantly be in your web browser to conduct business.  Once you install the application you will sign in with your Twitter login and sync your follower information into Social Bro.  It will only take a minute or two.

I’ll give you just the basics about the product here because I’m too infatuated to keep this short.

Follower Information

Where to start…I’ll make a list of useful information on the starting dashboard.

-Follower Timeline (Increase/Decrease in follower count)

-Recent Unfollows/Follows

-Not following you back/You aren’t following back

-Potential spammer/inactive/famous/influential/newbie accounts

There’s SO much valuable information just on the first page it’s outstanding.  Never has it been so easy to engage with the “correct” people on Twitter. When I say correct I mean influential people and new followers.

Beautiful UI

Social Bro UISure, the color is a little weird to me but man is it easy to navigate around. Clicking on a thumbnail picture of an account will bring up a side bar with all the necessary twitter information from the account including actions you can take such as message/add/unfollow etc.  The filters on the left hand side can be bulky and take up a lot space that I find could be utilized in another way, but it’s just a small gripe.  Everything else is smooth beyond reason.

Best Time To Tweet

One of my favorite statistics is the best time to tweet.  Usually Twitter management tools will show you the best time to tweet based on the amount of retweets and mentions you’ve received which can deceiving.  This application shows you how many people are online at given times.  The free trial only shows you the data of your top 100 followers, but it’s good to see the time I should tweet to reach those.  The paid version obviously shows you the rest.

When Are Your Twitter Followers Online?

Tag Clouds

There are many useful tag clouds including but not limited to:

-Followers bio Tag Cloud

-Friends bio Tag Cloud

-Followers link sharing Tag Cloud

-Followers conversation Tag Cloud

There is so much information here that could help you engage with users or build successful tweets in the future using the most common tags of your Twitter users.

Retweet Information

Another graph I found to be incredibly useful is the Time of Retweets and Replies.  A graph is created showing exactly what hour and what day your replies and retweets occurred.  Little did I know Sunday at 10 p.m. was a hot time for me to receive retweets.

Geographical/Follower Information

A World map showing the exact geographical location of each follower?  YES PLEASE.  I have 13 worldwide followers and 12 canadian followers…neat.  Also included is Language, Time Zone, Users by tweets per day, Users by followers and a lot more.

That being said…there is a ridiculous amount of information you can take from Social Bro.  Being able to utilize all the information provided to engage more effectively with potential and new followers is up to the user.  Social Bro is not only a statistical dream land but it provides analytics that you normally wouldn’t even think of needing in a social media plan.

Businesses and people alike should invest their time to at least try out Social Bro.  Social Brochacho, Bronamath, Brotastrophe…whatever slang term you use is fine, just don’t let the name fool you.  You will be bombarded with information and you have to put the time and work in to figure out how it can be beneficial to you.

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